tabGeeks 2019

Party at a Castle

Castle House.jpg

Whats better than a geeked out game night? A geeked out game night at a fully themed castle.

We’re bringing back game night! Immensely popular at previous events, a great way to get to know your fellow attendees and rub shoulders with speakers. This year’s game night will be held at a castle themed AirBNB, complete with turret and full suit of armor.

And don’t forget unlimited pizza hot off a a wood burning pizza oven and a completely open bar.


Marvel Movie Mania

Don’t miss the night tabGeeks takes you to a private pre-screening of Captain Marvel. Luxury theater, reclining seats, popcorn and your fellow I.T. Heroes experiencing Captain Marvel before anyone else. 


Social Tickets

As a tabGeeks attendee, you would get access to all the social events. But what about your +1? The primary focus of these events is networking with your fellow I.T. heroes, but that doesn’t mean your +1 has to stay back in the hotel room.

Every year, we save a few spots at these events for those not attending the full conference to come socialize and have a good time. Whether you’re bringing a +1, or are a local who just can’t make it to the full event and want to get in on this awesome networking opportunity, access to both events is just $48.

Just hit up the regular registration page and buy a ‘Social Ticket’.