tabGeeks 2019


2PM - Registration Opens

3PM - Level Up your SMB

We’ve all felt it, the drive to improve under the constraints of a restrictive budget. Mercedes Bankston has made a career out of helping I.T. departments get to the next level around the world. In this session, she’ll share her favorite free and low-cost tools that will help you level up.

3:45PM - [Panel] The Helpdesk

Management, efficiency and best practices. Every organization has a Helpdesk, even if its just one guy who also runs the servers. For I.T. Manager, the Helpdesk is usually the bane of their department. Its where users send mind-boggling tickets, its where things fall through the cracks, its where you spend a chunk of your budget to not get the software you really need. Whether you're the Helpdesk manager, you manage that person, or you are the desk, a company's Helpdesk is its first line of defense into the I.T. department. Make sure yours is the best.

5PM - Keynote Address

Brian Taniyama from Buzzfeed tells you about running tech at a tech giant.

7PM - Party at the Castle

Come party at a Castle in Long Beach with awesome food and an open bar! Get to know your fellow IT Heroes in a laid back environment with unlimited social lubricant.


9AM - Breakfast

10:15AM - The secrets of Powershell

Not just for Windows anymore, PowerShell is the cross-platform language for automation and management of your IT infrastructure. In this demo-packed session by Microsoft Cloud Advocate, Michael Bender, you’ll learn the secrets of PowerShell, and how you can become ‘Immediately Effective’ from the command line to scripting to the Cloud.

11:15AM - Can you see me?

While your VoIP system may still feel like it has its shine on it, the future of inter-office communications is going the way of civilians: video. Snap Inc.’s Todd Smith will walk you through the best way to optimize your video conferencing system and reduce risk.

12PM - Lunch

1:30PM - [Panel] In the Cloud

Ever wonder what it would be like to get the Director of Google Cloud and a Microsoft Senior Cloud advocate in a room together discussing best cloud practices for the average organization? This is it. Be part of the discussion as they talk about what you should put in the cloud, what to keep on prem and how to justify the costs.

2:15PM - One Crazy Idea

Sometimes all it takes is one crazy idea to effect real I.T. change at your organization. This engaging session, led by Rob Olague from Tinder, demonstrates how the all star I.T. team at Tinder uses OKRs and an open idea forum to keep their organization at the cutting edge.

3:15PM - [Panel] Security in 2019

Keeping your organization secure isn’t a set and forget. Thats why, every year, we bring in three security experts to discuss the latest threats modern organizations need to handle. From malware to phishing to ransomware. Don't be the breach, make sure your company has what it takes to withstand the very real threats coming your way.

4:15PM - Its all about the money

Are you overworked and under-budgeted? Do you answer to someone who holds the purse-strings? CFO Shimon Greenspan will walk you through the secrets of talking numbers with the money man (or woman). Learn how to justify your IT investments in a language that makes sense to the financial decision makers.

5PM - The human Firewall

What’s the weakest point in your security system? Is it the Firewall? The end-point Anti-virus software? Robert and Ty believe its the user. Do you agree? In this keynote address they talk about their work repeatedly and efficiently targeting their clients’ systems and finding the holes in human error. Engaging, entertaining and a lot to learn about how to turn your users into human firewalls.

7:30PM - Marvel Movie Mania

Come to a private pre-screening of Captain Marvel!


9AM - Breakfast

10AM - The Home Team

Join Todd Smith from Snap Inc. as he interactively takes us through the process of keeping your IT team working cohesively.

11AM - Streamlined

John Marcato believes most IT environments could use some simplification. Working hand in hand with your business and creating the best plan for making sure your department is meeting their needs and doing so in the most efficient way possible.

12PM - The IT Imposter

Do you ever feel like your job is basically just Googling things to get the right answers? Microsoft's Phoummala Schmitt delivers this keynote address about how to identify and overcome IT Imposter Syndrome and avoid burnout.


* All sessions and their position in the agenda are subject to change without notice.