tabGeeks 2019
tabGeeks 2019
A Conference by I.T. for I.T.

What We're Doing

tabGeeks is a professional development conference for I.T. people that focuses on the many varied challenges I.T. people are faced with every day. One foot in the business world, one foot in tech, I.T. people must hone a pretty unique set of skills. From keeping your networks secure, to educating users, to deciding whether or not to move to the cloud, I.T. people have to do it all. tabGeeks is the only community exclusively for I.T. people, built by I.T. people.

tabGeeks is pioneering a novel concept in the tech conference world. We call it Micro.

Instead of thousands of attendees to get lost in, we cap it at just 50. Instead of having to find three days away from your desk, we've condensed the most important subjects into a single day.

All the knowledge, inspiration, and networking of a massive conference in a small, intimate gathering of just I.T. people like us.

tabGeeks Micro will be held at the Beverly Hills Marriott on October 11th, 2018

See what our attendees had to say about our last event!

Who should attend?

Past Attendee Titles Included:

  • Cybersecurity Analyst
  • Help Desk Specialist
  • Service Desk Supervisor
  • System Admin
  • Windows Administrator
  • I.T. Admin
  • I.T. Director
  • I.T. Manager
  • I.T. Project Manager
  • I.T. Specialist
  • I.T. Support
  • Network Admin
  • Technology Specialist

Who We Are

Past attendees tell us what they do. Sound familiar?

tabGeeks is a community for I.T. Heroes.

Yes, I'm talking to you. The one who keeps the business running by making sure the tech keeps humming. tabGeeks provides professional development and networking opportunities to you, the tech hero at your organization.

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Need help convincing your boss? We've put together an email template and compiled a list of benefits that will get you on your way.

I was emailing my boss during the session saying, we have to implement this, now!
— Nicole, Dartmouth
I thoroughly enjoyed tabGeeks 2018...The session topics and speakers were spot on with what support personnel need to know.
— Dan, Chino
The people that I’m with here at the conference feel like the people I want to be with. They do what I do, and we all learned together.
— Rick, Toronto
I’ve definitely enjoyed the networking opportunities...its always fun to get to know your fellow I.T. Geeks in a relaxed environment and just chat it out.
— Joe, Los Angeles
Its great how each presentation compliments each other.
— Victor, Fresno